Who is behind #RydeUnite?

#RydeUnite has been started by a small team of marketing, fundraising and communications volunteers who wanted to shine a light on the community groups at the heart of Ryde, and help raise awareness and funds to help them through these difficult days. But #RydeUnite is about everyone who believes in the power of community in Ryde. To be part of it, just use #RydeUnite every time you write or share a social media post about something good that’s going on in the community.

I’m a community group - how can I share a story for this site?

Just hit the 'Tell a Story' button on the #RydeUnite stories page, answer the questions and then someone will write up your story, send it back to you to approve and then post it up on the website, share it on social media and ask others in the #RydeUnite community to do the same.

Who is running the Ryde Coronavirus Response Appeal?

The appeal is a joint initiative from Aspire and Ryde Town Council. It is awarding ‘Crisis Grants’ to community organisations who have been badly hit, financially, by the coronavirus crisis to help them carry on and come out of the other side. Aspire are using their fundraising platform to collect donations and all the money raised will be ring fenced for the appeal. Ryde Town Council are managing the grant awards process.

How do I apply for a grant?

Head over to the Grants page, where you can download an application form. The more money is raised, the more can be given back out into the community and the first round of applications for grants of up to £500 is open until midday on Monday 27th April. Further rounds will be opened as more money is raised.

Can I nominate a community group for a grant?

No but you can just direct them to the Grants page on this site, where they can download an application form.

Can I volunteer?

This site won't carry a comprehensive list of opportunities but, if organisations are looking for volunteers, they can post on these pages so you can take a look at the #RydeUnite stories page and get in touch with any organisations who are looking for volunteers.

I can’t give money, or time. What else can I do?

Don’t underestimate the power of sending positive thoughts. Share one of the #RydeUnite stories or tell your own story, and encourage people to do the same - good things always come from positivity and the power of community.