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HAYLANDS FARM: Hard Work Behind Closed Gates

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

What's the story?

Haylands Farm, if you don't know it already, is a 6-acre working farm on the outskirts of Ryde.  It provides work experience for people with a learning disability and, although it's had to close its gates, for now, there's still plenty of work to do caring for people, plants and animals. 

Some of their clients, who'd be finding life particularly hard otherwise, are getting home visits, help with shopping and taking care of their health and wellbeing.  The goats, pigs, ducks and chickens still need feeding and the plants still need tending.  So, although the Farm might look closed, there's still lots going on, only without all the funding that comes with their regular activities. 

Want to help - sponsor an animal and become a virtual farmer

The team have organised plant sales and have also started a sponsor an animal programme to help people stay connected with the Farm whilst raising funds.  So this is your chance to be a virtual farmer from just £5 per week - by sponsoring an animal you can help secure the future of this very special, much-loved place.  

"I feel lucky that I still get to come to work in this beautiful environment, and the animals are good company, but we desperately miss all our lovely students and can't wait until we can welcome them back again. We might look closed but we're still working flat out. A lot of our clients have multiple and profound learning disabilities - we can't just turn our back on them.  And we have 25 animals and 150 free-range chickens to look after on a skeleton staff. It's been tough but we absolutely have to make sure the Farm is still here for everyone on the other side, so a huge thank you to the many people who've sent us good wishes and given what they can to help. We really need your support to come through this."

Nichola Cook, Manager - Haylands Farm

Find out more about how to sponsor an animal, keep up to date with life on Haylands Farm

or get in touch via their Facebook page

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