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Ryde Baptist Church - Window displays offering hope and comfort to passers-by.

Good Friday

What’s the story?

There are a huge number of churches spread all around the Isle of Wight. Churches play a central role within communities, offering a place of comfort, calm and often companionship.

The George Street Centre is situated on the corner of the Co-op car park and George Street. Its location means that many people walk past each day and is a perfect place to reach out to the local community.

Maundy Thursday

Ryde Baptist Church uses one of the large windows in this centre to send messages of hope to passers-by. Each week a tableau is set up telling the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

The scene is lit overnight, and a poster in the window explains the tableau with a QR code linking to the passage in the online Bible.

"The friends of Jesus were devastated when he was killed, then bewildered when his body disappeared. But when they met the risen Jesus their lives were changed. The good news is that the Spirit of Jesus still comforts and helps us in our confusion today. There are lots of accounts of Jesus meeting different people after his resurrection. I hope to present a different one each week until Ascension."

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