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THE NEW CARNIVAL COMPANY - Keeping the carnival spirit alive

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

What's the story?

Although this year's Ryde Mardi Gras has been cancelled, children, young people and families can get in the carnival spirit whilst fighting lockdown isolation together at Virtual Carnival Club - now live with 10 bite-sized workshops running every Tuesday at 10am from Tuesday 21st April to 23rd June.  

No 'arty' experience or special materials are required - anyone can tune in to transform everyday items into spectacular, sustainable carnival costumes and instruments.  There's also the chance for young people who want to take things further to have their work accredited as part of the national Arts Award scheme.   So, although lockdown life can be tough, Virtual Carnival Club is keeping the spirit of carnival alive and, when the time comes, everyone will get to show off their creations and celebrate in style at a pop up 'Let Loose' parade on the streets of Ryde. 

While you've got your dancing shoes on, you might also fancy grabbing a wooden spoon and saucepan and joining in NCC's online Tap and Stomp Fusion dance classes - details coming soon on their Facebook page.

"I am trying to take heart from positive things we can build on afterwards.  I see families out walking together, people saying hello in the street and I think we can learn from this disaster to build a better, more community-focused, sustainable future when we do get 'Let Loose' again."

Chris Slann, Executive Director, The New Carnival Company

Visit the Virtual Carnival website to find out more and watch the workshops 

Follow the New Carnival Company's Facebook page for news on Tap and Stomp Fusion classes and other activities.

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